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It is New Living’s mission to deliver quality, confidential and clinically sound behavioral healthcare services to individuals, groups, families and communities in the areas where we are licensed and certified to operate.
The oversight and licensure opportunity for behavioral health treatment services in the District of Columbia, was awarded to us by DC Department of Behavioral Health, DBH.




Our vision as New Living Health Care Services LLC, is focused in the services we are committed on offering to the residents of Washington DC. We are dedicated to providing appropriate behavioral health care along with preventative, educational and supportive programs to the communities we serve in Washington DC.
New Living Health Care Services LLC takes pride in bringing on board our experts who offer services to the DC residents in their own environments, homes and community setting, basically wherever services are needed most. It is our on our vision to enhancing lives and restoring hope to those who qualify for behavioral health services.

Welcome To The New Living Health Care.

New Living Health Care Services LLC is a District of Columbia community based provider of behavioral health services and behavioral health supports that is certified by Department of Behavioral Health, DBH , and that acts as a clinical home for consumers in DC of behavioral health services by offering a single point of access and accountability for :
1. Diagnostic Assessment
2. Medication –Somatic
3. Treatment Counseling
4. Community Support Services
As one of the certified provider by the Department of Behavioral Health, we are staffed with competent and experienced team of professionals

What We Offer

What We Offer

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