Welcome to New Living Health Care Services, If you’re inspired by your carrier on what you can do to make a difference in people’s lives and ready to explore the various options you can help with New Living Health Care Services, then come to JOIN US!

New Living offers the most exciting working environment. From entry-level to experienced professions to CSW, Managers to Other Clinical positions, we’re on a mission to turn ideas into new life-changing lifestyles that improve consumers’ lives and benefit the communities they live in.

We need great people who share our passion for helping DC residents to overcome their behavioral issues. If you have the drive and determination to meet the unmet needs of our consumers in DC Communities, then send your resume to apply for one of the following job openings that we currently have.

  1. Community Support Worker

  2. LGSW / LPC

NEW LIVING HEALTH CARE SERVICES LLC is a vibrant, growing DC-based provider agency with opportunities to suit your professional skills as a Community Support Worker and offer a diverse work environment to match your specific interests. We believe employees are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to helping you develop and maximize your professional potential skills.

We are located at 350 Eastern Avenue NE Washington DC 20019


      1. Assessment of patient, including family situation, physical limitations, vulnerability, mental status, special cares, financial situation, communication ability, and services receiving or needed.

      2. Arranging for team/family conferences, working with patient and family to establish realistic care plans, utilizing community resources to enable patient to follow through with a care plan.

      3. Establishes working rapport with physicians, nurses, and other staff and facilitates communication between staff and patient/family.

      4. Works as a team member with staff to assist patient to return to the optimal health situation.

      5. Participates in appropriate task forces to ensure quality patient care.

      6. Documents notes and plan of care on each patient assessed.

      7. Completes administrative duties and other related works on projects and ideas to improve the quality of social services provided to patients, families, staff, and community


      1. Minimum of some college.

      2. Working experience in the related field is preferred.

      3. Ability to be able to handle stressful interpersonal situations.

      4. Strong oral and written communication skills.

      5. Broadminded acceptance of people from different lifestyles, religions, and beliefs.

      6. Ability to work as a team member.

      7. Strong Computer and Organization skills for data entry and other specific information.


Come and join our great team of experts in making a great difference in the lives of the residents of Washington DC. You will be responsible to help improve the lives of consumers with behavioral health issues. You will work in a supportive environment with a qualified team of social workers, nurses, doctors, therapists, and other professionals who are always willing to work as a team. This is a PT to FT position and needs an immediate person to fill up.


      1. Perform individual, group, and family psychotherapy to consumers referred for behavioral health services;

      2. Perform individual, group, and family psychotherapy to consumers referred for DBH;

      3. Provide a wide range of psychosocial assessments and diagnosis, counseling therapy, crisis intervention, and/or case management services to patients in a correctional facility as part of an established psychosocial care program;

      4. Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress according to measurable goals described in treatment and/or care plan;

      5. Maintain copious clinical notes for medical billing;

      6. Collect data about patients through the interview, case history, psychological tests, and/or observational techniques; evaluates data to identify causes of problems and determine proper therapeutic approach or referral to other specialists;

      7. Provide counseling, therapy, and/or psychotherapy to patients as appropriate to the position; prepares treatment and follow-up care programs, provides therapeutic crisis intervention and emergency services as required;

      8. Consult with other practitioners and related staff, as appropriate in the performance of therapeutic and/or casework;

      9. Follow up-to determine the reliability of treatment used; changes methods and degree of therapy when indicated;

      10. Participate in the review of clinical issues and program policies and procedures.

      11. Perform other duties as assigned;

      12. Complete all required documentation which includes, but not limited to, the individual service plans, monthly/quarterly reports, discharge planning, progress notes;

      13. Engage in Care Coordination with other staff and community service providers to ensure the appropriateness of treatment modalities and services being provided;

      14. Attend supervision and staff meetings to address the individual’s needs/progress and any administrative needs. Provide Case Management for clients assisting the agency’s psychiatrist.


      1. Masters degree

      2. LGSW /LPC License ( Washington DC licenses preferred )

      3. Current CPR certification

      4. Experience in Mental Health, +1 year (Preferred)

      5. Strong organization, oral and written communication skills;

      6. Broadminded acceptance of people from different lifestyles, religions, and beliefs;

      7. Ability to work as a team and multi-task in a fast-paced and changing environment;

      8. Demonstrate customer service skills and ability to maintain confidentiality; and

      9. Strong Computer and Organization skills for data entry and other specific information.

Ready to Apply

If you are interested in becoming part of our winning team of professionals, please apply online today. New Living Health Care Services LLC is committed to providing Equal Employment Opportunities to all employees and applicants.

Send all your credentials to HR@NewLivingHealthCare.Com

The New Living Health Care Services LLC is a is a District of Columbia Behavioral Health Services Certified Provider. We provide a wide range of services and programs for the residents of DC. New Living adheres to the quality assurance standards and actively promotes the use of approved treatments in the provision of services