What We Offer

New Living Health Care Services LLC is a DC licensed provider to offer both, behavioral health services and behavioral health support services. As a company, we were awarded and certified by the Department of Behavioral Health to offer our CORE services in the District of Columbia which are:


We perform intensive diagnostic assessment that includes clinical and functional considerations of the consumer’s general physical, developmental, family, social, psychiatric and psychological history and prevailing conditions to report on the Diagnostic/Assessment Report. The report shows the strengths, vulnerabilities and required behavioral health services needed on the consumer, and whether the consumer qualifies for and can benefit from MHRS.

Medication-Somatic Treatment:

Our qualified staff perform Medical Interventions, including physical examinations, prescription, supervision and/or administration of behavioral health related medications, monitoring and interpreting the results of laboratory diagnostic procedures related to behavioral health-related medications, and offer medical interventions needed for successful health treatment we offer. Our team of staff are real-life heroes, who are committed to improving the lives of persons with behavioral illnesses.


Our quality of our work goes on proving individual, group and/or family face-to-face counseling services for symptoms and behavioral management, development, restoration or enhancement of adaptive behavioral and skills, and enhancement of maintenance of daily living skills to our consumers. The focus in the services and supports are geared towards the well-being and benefit of the consumers.

Community Support Services:

An array of community-based services for individuals and families support goes on providing services to the local communities. It has been a proven statistics that these types of supports can make a big difference in the lives of countless families and individuals with severe and persistent behavioral illnesses. The supports we offer are designed to assist consumers in being successful in the community and reduce risk of hospitalization. They are often coordinated with therapy or other outpatient services. Medicaid or private insurers may pay for these community services for eligible recipients.